Oxy Powder Review & Oxy Powder Cleansing Results

"I Lost 14 Pounds!"

About ten years ago, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left me with a great deal of physical trauma.

Until I took Oxy-Powder, I would have bowel movements only once every two or three months. During the 7 day cleanse, I lost 14 pounds!!!! At 5’6", 130 lbs, I wasn’t overweight to begin with.

It was quite a shock to me to find that I had that much waste in my body. Since taking Oxy-Powder, I’ve felt better, have had regular bowel movements (two to three per day), and have kept the 14 pounds off (I’m not dieting). I’ve also recommended this product to any one who will listen. I’m so impressed with the product that I will be a lifetime user.

– Jennifer N., Hixon, Tennessee

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"I cannot believe this has worked so well"

I have been taking this product for 2 weeks now, and it is AMAZING!!!

I have suffered from constipation for YEARS and nothing has ever worked…laxatives, changes in my diet, etc.

I have been truly impressed and my belly is flat, flat flat. I cannot believe this has worked so well.

I am now having regular, pain-free bowel movements after each meal. I just had to write and tell you that I am so grateful to have found this. My friend and I split a 3 month supply and she is overjoyed as well. Thank you bunches!

– Kristie B.

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"Feel 100% Better!"

I have been constipated my entire life, literally full of you know what.

Would go maybe every week or so and walked around feeling like a sausage.

I have been taking laxatives my whole life to boot and not only did my body become addicted to the laxatives but they made me sick to my stomach.

I was not really overweight, but yet I had difficulty losing any weight at all over the last 2 years.

I started to become fatigued all the time, and felt like I was walking around in a fog half the time.

I found this website and after reading the testimonials I tried the product and it is everything it claims to be!

There is NO cramping at all like taking all other laxative products or tea’s, and it works just great!

I dont think I am cleansed to the point of getting to the mucus stored in my body, but it does not matter!

I feel 100% better and go everyday now! I take 5 capsules 2 times per week for maintenance and it works perfect.

Now when I go on vacations, I dont have to worry about being miserable, I just take some with me.

No more walking around feeling like I’m 6 months pregnant and cant breathe! This Product Rocks!

– Mabelline B., Jackson, New Jersey

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"The bloating I have been living with for years was gone!"

About 5 years ago, out of the blue, I began suffering from severe constipation. I was only having a bowel movement 2 or 3 times a month.

I tried a number of different remedies with no success and, frustrated, finally gave up.

Recently, I stumbled across your website, and after speaking with my doctor, decided I would try Oxy-Powder.

After only 4 days on the initial cleansing cycle, the bloating I have been living with for years was gone. I also noticed I had more energy during the day. I am now taking the pills every other day for maintenance. I can’t say enough good things – This product is amazing and I have already recommended to friends!

– Amy D. , Boston, Massachusetts

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"Suffer No More"

Having gone through one bottle of Oxy-Powder and just starting the second, I can unequivocally state that my fatigue, and general malaise was due to chronic constipation.

I no longer suffer from constipation and cannot believe the difference in my skin and energy level.

Had I not stumbled onto your product I’m not sure I would have ever made the connection between a clean colon and good health.

I recently saw another link to your website  — so the word is getting out! Good job!

Thank you for a wonderful product, I plan to use it the rest of my life and my dad is now using Oxy-Powder too!

– Theresa J., Indianapolis, Indiana

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"Feel Like a New Person!"

After suffering for nearly 30 years with constipation and bloating, I so happy to be able to wear the tight little black number again to parties and special occasions which was very unattractive with the bloated tummy constantly with me along with the feelings of irritability and fatigue.

The first 2 days of using Oxy-Powder had quite a Wow! factor and a restroom must be close at hand or you are in big trouble, but once aware of the situation when using the product the feeling of purity and well-being far exceed the initial getting used to the effects of using Oxy-Powder in the early days.

I cannot recommend the product highly enough to those like me, who have felt the misery of constant bloating and feeling conscious of personal appearance with an ugly bloated tummy, after 3 days of use this appearance had completely vanished and I can wear my favourite clothes and feel great.

The feelings of fatigue and awful constipation have vanished, my skin is now radiant I feel like a new person, I cannot imagine being without this wonderful product thank you so much Oxy-Powder I shall definately be a permanent user.

– J. Williams, Bristol, North Somerset, United Kingdom

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Oxy-Powder is one of the greatest things that I have discovered! I have just finished my first bottle and this product is amazing.

I am so much more regular now, and the size of my waist and hips has gone down a bit too. My tummy feels flatter than ever.

I have gotten some of my friends to try Oxy-Powder and everyone just loves it. I would really recommend this to anyone! Thanks!

– Amy L., Los Angeles, California


"The Best you can Buy"

Everyone needs to know that this product is the best you can buy. At first, I was skeptical about spending money on anything that claimed to be so effective. I was wrong.

I have just ordered my second bottle because Oxy-Powder has made me feel so much better. I’d been eating junk food my whole life and it finally caught up with me. I had a miserable time on vacation because I was so constipated; now when I look at pictures of it I look totally bloated!

Even if you don’t think you’re constipated it’s my advice to you to order anyway, because you might be suprised, and it can’t hurt to clean out your system once in awhile. After I used Oxy-Powder I wondered how anyone could think of using nasty enemas or laxatives when this product is available.

– Kay, Massachusetts


"Total Cleansing"

I heard about Oxy-Powder from a co-worker of mine during a conversation about colon cleasing.

I had thought seriously about getting a colonic, not because I suffer from any real constipation, but for it’s cleansing properties. I decided to purchase a bottle. As many have stated in their testimonials, getting started is scary.

But once I got past that and began my cleanse, my anxiety was replace with a feeling of relief and calm. I truly felt more intune with my body, like it was saying "thank you, this is what I needed"

Although I was never one to suffer from constipation I soon realize just how total elimination and cleansing feels. I was great! I am now hooked and have told everyone I know about the wonderful results of using Oxy-Powder. I will continue to use in thoughout my life to maintain a health digestive system.

Thank you Oxy-Powder.

– A. Holston, Pinole, California


"I am forever in your debt!"

When I hit my thirties I found my self dealing with bouts of constipation and then have to take laxitives that kept me cramped up for days.

I ended up with hemmoroids the size of texas. this product has been a dream come true for me and I didnt believe the other testimonials I had read, now however I am a believer.

At the end of my 7 day cleanse I had went from a size 16 to a size 12! and I did nothing but give up cokes, didnt change anything else at all. my energy is up, and I am lazy so thats important, another thing is my mood, I am way less grouchy almost perky! sleeping like a baby, its just been an unbelieveable week.

this weekend im going out in a new size 12 outfit and shake my booty to celebrate my 35th birthday!

I look and feel better than I have in years! thanks oxy powder I am forever in your debt!

– Tonia S.


"More Energy"

I finished my first bottle of Oxy-Powder, and I must say, it has done everything it promises!! My skin has not broken out and my digestive system is functioning extremely well after months of constipation. I have more energy and I’ve lost 8 pounds!!!! Thanks Oxy-Powder!!!!

– C. Carrillo, Brooklyn, NY


"Prescription Medicines Not Working?"

I have suffered with bowel problems for about three (3) years now.

Prescription medicine did not work for me. So, I suffered.

I ran across testimonials of Oxy-Powder online and went to your website. It sounded like something that would benefit me, so I ordered a bottle.

It has been five (5) days on ten (10) pills a night, and WOW...I can tell a tremendous difference! No more pain, or discomfort.

I am really grateful to your company for making available such a great product. I will be a customer ’for life’ in the maintance program!

– J. J. Mills, Lumberton, North Carolina


"No Diarrhea Feeling"

My experience with Oxy-Powder was very positive.

I used it during a 14 day fast while doing a few liver/gall bladder flushes and the results were EXACTLY as described.

What’s great about it is that it does not give you the feeling of having diarrhea.

It feels like everything is working properly but the difference is that the plaque is now liquefied. I plan on buying more.

You’ve done a great job with this product.

– Paul G., 36, New York City, New York


"Feel Younger, Better"

After 10 days of colon cleansing with oxy powder, while eating a normal healthy diet (fruits, veggies, grains, fish and raw dairy) - I feel 10 years younger energy wise, my eyes are bright, whiter and no longer sunken.

Transient aches and pains I’ve had are gone.     Headaches, gone.

My appetite has increased and, best of all, I have greater patience with my children and am sleeping better.

– Jennifer L., Williamsburg, VA

"Recommended to Patients"

While attending the ABEIM convention in Dallas, I purchased a bottle of Oxy-Powder and got several brochures. I really like the action of the cleanser and would like to start several of my patients on it.

– Dr. Robert F. Moor, N. M. D, C. N. C Jefferson, Indiana


"Easy, Painless, and Quick"

I ordered Oxy-Powder awhile back and just started using it. It is amazing.

I’ve been dealing with constipation, bloating, and just generally feeling yucky for years.

I have taken laxatives before that left me doubled over in pain and unable to go anywhere.

Oxy-Powder was the exact opposite. Easy, painless, and quick. I really feel cleansed, and I have had no cramping or discomfort.

I wasn’t running to the bathroom constantly; the results were very predictable and left me feeling great for the rest of the day.

It’s amazing how energized you feel when all the junk has been flushed out of your system. Thank you for a great product.

– Amanda R.

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